Have you ever hired a Shirker?

Rather old-fashioned Leader: I can’t trust my people to work away from the office.
Me: Why did you hire them?

This guy is a top bloke, but smart working is a challenge for him – especially if he can’t physically see his people – so we’re working on it with him.

I invite him to join our Smart Leadership Masterclass.  Here he will meet other Leaders who have already shifted their mindset from the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 fix.

I tell him that I’ve noticed that smart workers will work smart anywhere.  Shirkers will shirk anywhere. The answer is not to recruit shirkers. I’ve shared our toolkit on recruiting smart workers with him.

Smart Leaders who recruit the right aptitudes for the role……..and for the unique range of smart working options that their individual business offers, are the ones who build trust quickly.


If you can trust your workers, flexible working leads to:

  1. Increased productivity (generally circa 13%!)
  2. Improved engagement and retention
  3. Broader pools of talent to recruit from

Back to the drawing board on recruitment for one Leader then!

Work happens in Brains, not offices!

If you need help recruiting smart workers – email us at ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com and we’ll pull out all the stops for you.