Smart Performance Management Philosophy

Your business has a Vision.  Your Employees have their own personal life mission.  Performance Management is about how the two connect!

The Death of the Appraisal System

Smart Leaders don’t use an appraisal system. They don’t need to. They have a much better system in place

They use a different approach that ensures their people know just how they add value to the business. They have a set of guiding principles that ensure that their people know what’s in it for them – for their personal life and their work life.  Your People want to know how their work will balance with their own unique goals.

When the 2 are aligned – that’s when your people will be motivated and engaged to achieve business goals. So what is this system? How does it work?

The Birth of Smart Performance Philosophy

For a number of years now, we’ve been implementing a new way of managing and motivating workforces to deliver better results, but we’ve been using smarter ways of engaging and managing people.

No one size fits all and it is very different to traditional performance management systems.  We use a proven method to align:

  1. Smart Leadership,
  2. Policies, Process and Infrastructure,
  3. Technology and
  4. Smart Mind-sets

This enables you to build a Smart Culture that drives better outcomes and results.

It’s a proven method that we have refined over 20 years of implementing smart working and it helps you avoid the pitfalls of change.

Central to Smart Leadership is Engagement.

Our results show that Engaged Employees are 17% more productive. That’s almost a day per week!

We use a technique you can try out with your team to get a feel for how your culture will need to change to enable Smart Performance Management.

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