Planning for Coronavirus?

Are you planning for the Coronavirus?

Our clients are well prepared. We’ve made sure of that. Here is what they have been putting into place.

Coronavirus Guidelines

Our Client’s aim is to minimise potential disruption and to maintain good levels of customer service across the operation, ensure Employees understand the challenges and have the tools and ability to minimise the risk of infection where possible.

We’ve built a template of guidelines and a contingency plan, including training for the team on how to work from home successfully. They’ve shared it with their clients who feel reassured that there are robust plans in place.

This Client are always one step ahead of the rest! If you’d like access to the template and training then get in touch – request a call back to the right of this article.

7 strategies for becoming a successful Remote Worker

Trust.  The oil in every business relationship. So, what does it really look like in the workplace?

Our next client asked us to prepare a virtual workshop to introduce their team to the importance of 2 ways trust, when working from home.

They love it.  We love it! We’ve rolled it out across 250 people to date and leadership are comfortable with the levels of trust it has achieved at pace. If you’d like to book a programme, drop a line here

Getting ahead of the game

Here’s one message we’ve received this week from a Client.

It was a sensible move to get ahead of the game with all of this virus worry – thanks to you guys, we are more more than ready to work from home if a pandemic hits.

This team have also introduce Slack as it is a really good way of keeping in touch with everyone when you are working remotely. If the team are forced into quarantine, this Smart Lady has got an Announcements Channel set up, that is read-only for most people and which Leaders can use to post important information.

At the very least!

If you haven’t already got one in place, then a remote working policy that outlines expectations and guidelines is a really good idea.

And, many of your Leaders will not have managed teams who work remotely. Therefore, quickly putting in place a workshop to deliver the basic skills of leading remote or distributed teams is essential. Managing remote teams is very different to managing traditional office based teams.

Check out this support package

Or email to arrange a chat about how we can help you get ‘Remote Ready’ for Coronavirus.