Rough Seas Make Great Sailors

They say rough seas make great sailors and boy, are we navigating our way through stormy and uncertain waters.

In 2021, there’s a Smart Power we must possess if we want to navigate our way to calmer seas. It is an Iron Will and we need to boost it!

We’ve identified some smart skills that help build the discipline and resilience that will give your team that Iron Will:


During Lockdown, staying on pace with daily tasks, meetings and outcomes requires stringent use of a To Do list and purposeful use of a calendar. It takes a certain sort of internal drive to be productive and achieve good outcomes, when there’s nobody around to cheer us on!


No one appreciates a disorganised co-worker. It breaks down trust, so Smart Workers know they’ve gotta be nimble. We help individuals to develop their own system for staying on top of tasks and responsibilities – whether that’s using digital tools or a good old-fashioned notebook.


Smart Workers, who Work from Home because of Covid19, also know that on top of these challenges, they may have to deal with kids interrupting, the dog barking, the Amazon Man knocking or the internet dropping. But, they don’t get thrown by it. They laugh in the face of adversity and deliver good outcomes – whatever.

Tenacious, agile and adaptable employees can be counted on to build 2 way trust and robust resilience. Where there’s an Iron Will like this – there’s a way to calmer waters.

Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, and rough and uncertain, but in the end, it is always beautiful.

Need a hand to boost your team’s ability to sail your business safely and beautifully through these stormy and uncertain seas?

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