New Skills Needed for Managing Distributed Teams

Last March, most business leaders took a leap of faith. They had little choice when they asked their workforce to work remotely.

It worked. Many managers told us just how productive their workforce had become.  In fact, more recently they have become quite rightly concerned that people….themselves included….were overdoing it. Zoomed out they said!

And so the lens shifted more recently to the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.  But now, because of the success of the vaccine, choice is emerging once more.  So, where will our people will work in future?

One thing is certain – it’s all change again!  Those very same Leaders, who took that leap of faith last year, must upgrade the skills of their management teams to a whole new level.

New Ways of Working

The combination of hub, home, office and mobile, together with various contractual options, means that your Managers must build the necessary levels of 2 way trust that ensures smart and hybrid workforces are successful. And to survive in the new world of business Leaders must have the skill to manage a Distributed Team in their back pocket.

So, how will your Leaders adapt to change and a still somewhat uncertain future?  And, just as important – how can you ensure that your business has the agility to reconfigure the way it operates to match the likely changes in demand?

Investing in Your Leaders and Your Business Growth

There are some key subjects to consider when planning to upskill Leaders to manage distributed teams and changes in customer demand.

  1. How to build a shared smart working vision
  2. How to build a workforce model that can reconfigure and adapt
  3. How to build a culture of 2 ways trust
  4. How to coach a distributed team
  5. How to manage by outcomes at individual, team and business level

Let’s face it – if you crack this, your business can provide the right level of customer service to meet what may be uncertain levels of demand and maintain it’s competitive advantage too.

Perhaps you’d like to chat about your concerns.  We’ll share some experience,  thoughts and ideas so why not get in touch today?