Smart Customer Service

They say that about 70% of customers that stop using your company’s product or service do so because they believe you don’t care about them.

In a service driven economy, customer service is likely to be the most important of your cultural values. Some Leaders believe they have it all sewn up and don’t need to improve! But it’s not the organisation that decides whether service outcomes are good or bad. It’s not the Exec team that decides whether current customer satisfaction levels are appropriate either ……it’s the customer that decides.

Customer Care

Smart organisations solve and avoid issues because they care. Not because they say that they care, but because they show that they care. This isn’t about token gestures…. a freebie, a voucher or a post purchase satisfaction survey. It is what the customer feels that matters!

With that in mind, when it comes to complaints, it is important to prove you really care by responding efficiently, with courtesy and a good dose of common sense. When we solve problems quickly, customers tend to reciprocate with loyalty.

Creating exceptional customer service comes at a price. Often organisations know what needs to be done – spend more time listening and fixing the issue – but they don’t want to take on the additional cost or resource that will make it happen.

But by resolving complaints on the first contact, you not only build confidence but also save money by eliminating unnecessary additional escalations.

They also say that resolving a complaint on the first contact reduces the cost by at least 50 per cent. In the long run, the concept of one and done is much more cost effective than holding the purse strings tight on call handling times or resource.

We’ve been implementing customer complaints procedures for the last 20 years. We ready to share our 10-favourite tried and tested processes and actions for complaints handling.  Get in touch to hear more.

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