Smart Leadership Programme

Have you considered a Smart Leaders Programme for your Business?

Managing a Distributed Team is very different to managing a team who are office based.  That’s why we have built the UK’s first programme focused on Smart Leadership skills.  It’s proving very popular with Clients who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s is what a recent Client said:

If you need to learn more about working smarter, I recommend you attend the Smart Working Revolution Masterclass. I now feel empowered to support the development of our Smart Working Strategy and have the tools to be able to initiate this way of working.

The Programme was thought provoking and fun and the theories we taught were enhanced by the practical elements. If you want to be smart then Ruth and Olly can help and support you and your organisation.’   Nina Kelly Senior Project Manager IOPC

Our Blended Smart Leadership Programme contains everything your team needs to develop their thinking, communication and enhance your business well-being.

Most importantly, your programme and experience will be unique to your business needs and allow your Leaders to thrive in the new fast paced, ever changing world we live in.

Six Modules

Your toolkit will consist of 6 topics that target those critical Smart-Aptitudes that we know, when activated, will create magic!

Through a combination of Face to Face Workshops, On-line training and coaching, your Team will experience a fully immersive development experience that works seamlessly because of these 6 core Business Wisdoms:

  • Mindsets
  • Thinking
  • Team
  • Relationships
  • Well-being
  • Performance

This programme provides an ideal accompaniment to a smart workforce pilot or implementation.

Consequently, at the end of the Smart Leaders Programme, your key people will feel fully equipped and have the confidence to motivate the best performance from your new Distributed Teams.

Above all, you will experience an immediate return on your investment, because your Leadership Team will be ready to lead your Smart Workforce into a successful future.

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