Smart Towns & Villages

They’ve lived off the back of the Commute for donkeys years but if the likes of Costa & Pret want to survive they’ll have to move to where the commuters are and that’s increasingly in our Smart Towns and Villages.

Working From Home reduces the need for traditional offices but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why more and more of us are talking about Working Near Home

Going Local

We no longer yearn to be in those soul-destroying 4 beige office walls and we’re tired of the back-destroying dining room table. We want a comfortable and safe Co-Working that we can walk or cycle to.

Some of the vacant shops and hotels in our towns and villages can be repurposed into local work spaces. We work out of the fabulous #CSpace in Newquay, Cornwall, for example.

As more of us want to stay local, neighbourhood coffee and lunch shops will pop up to service our needs. That’s where the Smart Towns & Villages concept really comes to life.

If I was in charge of Pret or Costa – quite frankly I’d be organising mobile shops.  They’d look a bit like the old ice cream van with that happy tune to let workers know I’ve arrived with their coffee.

Every business has got to pivot – the ‘Norm’ will not return.
Work happens in brains – not offices and right now our brains are happy staying local.

We’ve designed our Smart Town & Villages Concept so that it ensures that as we come out of Covid19 we pivot to a more inclusive UK Workforce.  We’re looking for Leaders like you who want to join us in our mission – get in touch!