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Would you like a Smart Workforce Review of your business?

Would you like to find out how you can attract more talent in these difficult labour market conditions?  Maybe you are losing good people and want to work out how to retain their experience?

Let’s face it – recruiting and retaining the right staff for each individual role, is the key to business growth. If you employ the wrong person it can be a darned expensive mistake.

Here at the Smart Working Revolution. we have been implementing Smart Working for 20 years.  We know the benefits and we understand where the pitfalls are.

This means that we are able to review your business and guide you toward eye-opening smart options that will help to solve the war for talent.

We’ll review your business, recruitment and retention challenges and guide you to find innovative antidotes. We help you understand:

  1. Which smart options will suit your business and which to avoid?
  2. Where does the culture obstruct smart working and where is it supported?
  3. Review key HR policies to establish what needs to improve to fully support smart working so that it positively impacts recruitment, retention and productivity
  4. Identifying the skills development and support needed by both staff and leaders for success


For example, one Contact Centre Operation that we worked with was unproductive between 12 and 2 pm.  This was costing the business dear.   The solution Leadership had come up with was to split shifts.

Consequently, this led to labour turnover and above all calls were not being answered.  Customers we becoming really unhappy and satisfaction rates were falling. the business turned to us for a Review.

Gym Team

We introduced a Gym Team, where workers had membership for the local Gym, where they worked out for an hour followed by an hours lunch in the staff restaurant.

As a result, absence dropped off a cliff because the team were as fit as Butcher’s Dogs.  Productivity went up – in fact higher than it had ever been and the business was saving tens of thousands of pounds on the pilot team alone.

The business ended up implementing 16 of these teams and making saving of £100,000 per annum.

The Right Minds

We went on to help them adopt other really creative solutions such as term-time teams, winter warmer teams and eventually the organisation has begun trialling distributed teams across other parts of the UK – so that they can attract the very best talent – the right minds for their unique business.

And it all began with our Smart Working Review!

Would you like a review?

Or, on the other hand, are you happy with the Status Quo – to continue the struggle, losing great people to the competition, annoying your customers with a lack of customer support and delaying your plans for growth.

Of course, you’re not.  Contact us now for a review.  Prices begin at £999 for a one day review and report.

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