Smart Working – Get those Ducks in a Row!

There’s a bit more to it than handing out laptops & smart phones to your team and telling them to work from home a couple days a week, you know……

Yet, when effectively deployed – we’ve proven that smart working will improve productivity by up to one day per week! We’ve just helped one large insurance business pilot a 40 strong team of remote workers with some brilliant outcomes. They have increased productivity by 13.5%, broadened their talent pool and reduced attrition too.

Remote working was combined with an Annualised hours contract to help the business cope with storm damage which normally happens in January, February and March.  The result is that many of the 40 remote workers can take the summer school holidays off.

Is it worth you investing some time and effort in it?

Find out more on our handy one day smart workforce workshops led by Oliver Thompson and Ruth Gawthorpe – Leading the Smart Revolution.

With 20 years experience of implementing smart working into blue chip corporate and medium sized business, we help you decide what options will work in your organisation – which are the ones that will improve retention, increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Get in touch today for workshop dates before the end of 2018 and get your smart working ducks in a row.

Work happens in Brains – not offices!

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