Start The Week Smart

Start the week smart with our smart working tips!

Most organisations are moving toward a hybrid workforce model.  Yet report after report shows that many organisations do not have a proper plan. Here’s the thing. This lack of foresight is littered with pitfalls.

Here is one!

Understandably, some of your people maybe apprehensive about returning to the office.  They may even consider chucking in their job. Are your Leaders smart enough to consider creating innovative coping mechanisms?

Tip One

Smart Leaders spend time in advance finding out how comfortable each individual on their team is with social interactions. Perhaps share that between the team too!  Empathy will pay off and people will feel valued.

Tip Two

To avoid the possibility of creating two tribes aka Frankie Goes to Hollywood style. Try this:

Introduce Zoom rooms i.e. meeting rooms with video capability to support virtual meetings within the office.  This will ensure employees working from home do not feel left out.

Tip Three

Make sure that your Leaders are trained to manage a Hybrid Team.  It’s incredibly different to managing people in the office or remotely.  If you invest in them now you will get the best of both worlds.

Start The Week Smart

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