Working from home again?

Is your team working from home again? It feels like groundhog day doesn’t it?  Why not consider a few of our top tips……

1. Try to encourage your team to do their own version of the commute. To the park with dog and back, round the block, to the paper shop etc.

2. Encourage your people to create the sort of workspace at home, so that they can ‘de-mark’ work and home at the end of the day – if at all possible

3. For greater efficiency and comfort, think about letting them buy additional monitors.

And there are more tips….

4. Make sure they feel comfy taking regular breaks to stretch and get outside between meetings. Remote working has gone on for so long – some people have got out of the habit

5. Press home the importance of daily exercise – to suit their individual preferences, of course – we’re all different

6. Arrange regular outside meetings if you live close enough – or get them to buddy up for a socially distanced walk with someone who lives nearby

7. Talk individually to your team members on a regular basis so that you stay up-to-date with how everyone is feeling.

8.  At the end of the day, suggest they do their own commute again of some description.  I wrap up warm, get a cup of team and go into the cabin for 30 minutes.  Open the door wide and stare at the stars, the planet, the universe.  Wonderful!

Smart Leaders will find out what is important to each individual right now so that you know how to support each team member manage their own wellbeing. Smart Workers will take responsibility for their own wellbeing too, when working from home.

If you have been working remotely for some time, it may be time for your and your team to refresh their best practices.  Ask us about our value add package for teams – Refresh Your Smart Working Skills.  I’m in!