Ten Top Tips for Implementing Smart Working

This week, CIPD published their 10 key recommendations for implementing flexible working here. It seemed a little dry, so Olly and I have worked up something a little brighter.

Here goes…

Drawing on our client experience across many sectors, our ten top tips for organisations implementing Smart Working are:

  1. Share the Smart Working Vision working across the organisation and with every individual.
  2. Run feasibility workshops that aim to listen to Leaders and Employees views, ideas, concerns and challenges and ask for solutions.
  3. Identify the business benefit of Smart Working for the customer and you will gain traction at a commercial level too.
  4. Devise a workforce model that encourages a unique range of Smart Working options that suits your organisation and your customer.  For instance, don’t just consider location, but shifts and contract types too.  Consciously design any new roles to match the new workforce model.
  5. Ensure that every Employee understands that the new ways of working are a pilot.  Ask your staff to understand new ways of working are not contractual until you know whether they work or not.
  6. Equip Leaders and workers with the skills for building 2 way trust, working to outcomes and for getting the most from coaching conversations.
  7. Ensure meaningful conversations for every individual in your business.  Identify what development interventions will make your new workforce model a success.
  8. Consciously create a Smart Culture that avoids a two tier or disconnected workforce.  For example, every leaders can role model collaboration, social interaction and relationship building instead.
  9. Reiterate the Shared Vision at every opportunity. Share success stories that provide inspiration and guidance. Check that your team have the same priorities.
  10. Review your plan every 3 months for pitfalls and successes and revise as necessary to meet emerging needs.

There you have it. Ten Top Tips.

In fact, we probably have another 240 tips that will help you avoid the pitfalls and make a success of your Smart Workforce Model. After all, we draw from our vast experience of implementing smart workforces over the past 20 years.

What can I do next?

  1. I’m in –  we’ll help you build a unique workforce that matches customer demand and keeps your people happy too.
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