The British Workforce has moved on!!

It’s official – the British Workforce has moved on!

I read a quote recently that said Britain has ‘the wrong workers, in the wrong place, at the wrong time’. And it is true that in some sectors, business is really struggling to recruit the right people, with the right skills, right now.


‘The wrong workers, in the wrong place, at the wrong time’


Workers prefer to work from home for most of the week – or at least some of it. So, this really isn’t the time for employers to force their staff back to the office. Instead they should focus on making their offices attractive destinations for the one or two days per week or so, that staff will be commuting for their ‘anchor’ or ‘collaboration’ days.

Our offices of the future will become a collaborative spaces, focused on interpersonal interactions. Get you head down tasks such as writing content, phone calls, planning, programming, emails etc. are more easily done from home and the office provides the space for that interpersonal part of work, that most of us enjoy in small doses.

Adaptability is Key

But some Leaders have failed to adjust to the new reality of work. Unlike their counterparts, the Smart Leaders, they have not learned the main lesson that the pandemic has taught – that of 2 way trust between the Boss and their workforce. For one reason or another, some Leaders want their workforce back under their noses – present -where they can see them.

Force staff to commute at your peril. The British workforce has moved on from sitting in front of a screen, wearing noise cancelling headphones and sending emails to the person sat next to him.

It is time for us all to face the reality of the new world of work. With this in mind, why not:

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