The Conversations that build Two Way Trust

Imagine if your Leaders could have the type of conversations that would build 2 way trust across your organisation. Wouldn’t that improve performance?

Imagine a workplace where everyone engages and contributes to their full capacity. A place where people are happier and healthier because they have more control over their work. An organisation where everyone is a leader in some way.  All of this is possible, but possibly not with your current leadership capability – especially in this new world of work.

Well guys, we’ve spent the last 21 years implementing smart workforce models. We’ve made mistakes along the way so that you don’t have to and we are ready to share our learning with you. One such learning, is that Two Way Trust is the oil in any relationship.

So, in our Smart Leadership Programmes, we help your Leaders get to grips with the types of discussions that are necessary to build it into distributed and hybrid teams.

The Goldilocks Moment

The golden formula, where these discussions can make an exponential leap in staff engagement and ultimately business performance, lies in a “Goldilocks” version of the communication discipline. Just like the fabled porridge that is the perfect temperature, our recipe for successful conversations includes the consummate mix of:

  1. Sharing your businesses unique vision of smart working
  2. Establishing 2 way trust in working relationships
  3. Agreeing mutual expectations and required outcomes with your distributed team
  4. Challenging those unhelpful behaviours
  5. Catching people doing things right

These are highly interactive programmes. The Smart Working Revolution team share an overview of these conversations as well as some of the neuroscience behind them. What’s more, our workouts always have a story or theme behind them that makes learning memorable.

The outcome is that Leaders have the opportunity to establish and deepen two way trust across their team. This factor is key to the optimum performance of your people and your business.

Would you like your Leaders to be equipped with the skills to have the conversations that build 2 way trust across your organisation?

Contact us now to find out how quickly we can help you build Two Way Trust within your Hybrid Workforce