The F Word

Have you noticed – Leaders switch off when you say Flexible Working?  
It’s the F Word!  

Here’s a story about how the Smart Working Revolution got it’s name.  

When Olly & I began banging the drum about offering more flexible options – we found that Leaders weren’t interested. They tended to associate flex with working from home or returning from parental leave. It’s sad – but it’s true.  

So we  began talking about Smart Working instead. ‘Smart businesses Work Smart’, we said. Guess what? Leaders flooded back to listen!   Language is a powerful tool in the world of Leadership.

But what happened next was that Leaders asked us to help them shift mindsets of those managers who need to break out of the cycle of seeing things as they have been, and not what they can be in the future.  

We built a Smart Leadership Programme that helps Leaders to practise seeing things differently. To get comfy with uncomfy thoughts – cos it’s part of the creative process. It’s now won an award for the best Leadership Development Programme 2019!

When you combine that sort of mindset shift with our tried and tested smart working methodology, the programme provides a framework that enables Leaders to deploy smarter ways of working.   Options that attract, retain & engage the best people to produce their best performance.  

Join the growing band of Losers – Leaders who are helping their people lose the commute!

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