The History of the Smart Working Revolution

21 years ago, Olly & I worked for a business called Inkfish Call Centres. It was there that we first trialled Smart Working.

We introduced amazing options such as Gym, Term Time, Winter Warmer and School Leaver Teams. We ran training in NLP subjects such as emotional intelligence, building two way trust  and coaching for success to ensure brilliant customer service every minute of every day. Our teams were quality, the culture was unique and you could literally hear our people smile.

Both Olly and I moved on to different things, me in 2007. But we kept in touch building what we called Smart Teams – in whichever business we landed in next

Gradually this grew broader and we began to include flexibility in location, working remotely, in a hub. mobile or field as well as various contracts & hours to meet customer demand.

We learned from our mistakes so you don’t have to.

We didn’t get things right first time and over the years we learned from our mistakes so you don’t have to.  But back in 2012 we developed our first smart working skills programme. It won acclaim, but most of all it made smart working successful in  whichever organisation we ran it. It was genius.

Back in 2017, we set up the Smart Working Revolution so that we can share our experience with other Leaders through feasibility studies, leadership training or upskilling teams for the new Hybrid models.

Back at Inkfish Call Centres, we worked with a talented lady called Susan Farrow – guess what – she works with us now too!

Love the team & the job we do!