The Performance Appraisal is dead. Long live the catch-up!

The Performance Appraisal is dead. We traditionally viewed them as the best way to evaluate individual performance.  It’s no longer the case, as today’s more forward thinking Leaders, find them of little value.

As a result, they are falling out of fashion.  Here’s why:

  • They are a huge de-motivator
  • Appraisals introduce unnecessary stress and anxiety into our workforce
  • The expense is crippling.  Deloitte analysed their own process. They found managers and employees spent around 2m hours a year on performance reviews!
  • Appraisals force capable people into rating boxes – many into the average box – so we don’t have to pay too many increases
  • Tell me I am average too many times and the more I will believe it.
  • Productivity reduces as I lose motivation – I become average
  • Tell lots of the workforce they are average and the more average the business becomes
  • The ones who don’t think they are average – quit!

Businesses who have introduced Smart Leadership and have embedded a culture of trust find that those old fashioned Annual reviews………are yesterdays news!

One of our clients, Sam White from Freedom Group agrees – a lot changes when you introduce Smart Working, including your culture, reward and, of course, the way that performance is measured.

Long live the Catch-Up

A growing number of our clients have abolished the performance appraisal altogether and introduced more regular catch-ups. Employees love it.  It can be done in the office, over the phone, in the coffee shop or in the car on the way to a Client meeting.

If you’d like to know more about how you can build a culture of trust and ditch the appraisal then contact us