The Quiet Leaders

There’s always a light bulb moment when Smart Leaders recognise that certain kinds of workers prefer ‘Quiet Leaders’

Quiet Leaders are good at leading those of us who wanna make waves – take the initiative, improve stuff, innovate and push boundaries.

Quiet Leaders are listeners. Open, receptive and more likely to hear & implement improvements than those who want to dominate & put their stamp on stuff

So they are the opposite of the Leader who takes your idea and runs with it. How many of us have worked for a Boss who liked your idea, asked you to work up the power point & then presented it to the Board as hers?

Take care to consider where the good ideas comes from – otherwise you’ll find a dearth of them in the future!

Ideas people work best for a Boss who motivates them to be even more pro-active. Quiet Leaders benefit greatly from the talents of bright sparks and retain their skills too, but they don’t need to take the kudos……..they just quietly outperform the rest!

Being someone who’s full of bright ideas, I’ve actively sought out such Leaders and we’ve really made some waves. Still do. Have you?

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