The Smart Workforce Model

Business Leaders are changing their mind-set about the way they approach the employment of their people. Many have begun to tap into a new concept, called The Smart Workforce Model – a new and dynamic way of working.

The rapid development of high-speed mobile data services, fixed-line broadband and cloud services plays a crucial role in the Smart Working Revolution, allowing us to work in many different places, as well as the corporate office.

Real Life Case Studies

As far south as the Scilly Isles, as far north as the Orkney Islands; In Wales, in North Norfolk and Ireland – organisations are bagging the best talent.  How? By offering smart, remote, hub and field options to compliment those based in a corporate office, of course.

Some entrepreneurial locals are even gaining grants to set up local hubs and the result is that neighbours are accepting jobs, offered by forward-thinking organisations. It’s a Revolution!

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Man, a Pioneer CEO, is celebrating a new dynamic way of working for his 300 staff.

Pete Huber  of Zurich said, ’It’s not about how many hours you spend in the office. It’s about driving output and delivering and that’s what we are trying to encourage.’

Employees are encouraged to sit at a different desk every day, alternatively, they can work from home.

In a recent article in Silicon Republic, Brian Martin, SVP, Blueface said, ‘Employees are expecting more flexible work arrangements, customers are demanding more responsiveness from companies, and the challenge is now for CEO’s to embrace the change required within their organisations to address these needs’.


A recent study by Vodafone concluded that companies experience many benefits from deployingsmart work forces:

  • 61% of global respondents said flexibility led to an increase in profits
  • 83% saw an improvement in productivity
  • 58% believed flexibility improved the company’s reputation
  • 61% of companies in the United States saw an uptick in teamwork
  • 77% of American companies saw an improvement in employee morale, the key driver of employee retention

Is your business ready for AI and The Smart Working Revolution?

The Smart Working Revolution supports businesses who want to pilot and implement more flexible ways of working.  Learn more here