The Tide has Turned on the Way we Work

The tide has turned on the way we work, but it took a pandemic.

Traditional Leaders had to take a leap of faith on 23rd March. But what happened next was a a realisation that they could trust their people after all

Consequently, we are seeing one CEO after another is announcing that their organisation will allow some of its employees to work from home on a permanent basis.

Yet how many of them have recognised and planned for the fact that recruiting and on-boarding remote workers is a different animal to hiring and inducting office staff?  Managing a distributed or remote team really is another matter!

According to Addison Group’s Report, the pandemic led a majority of hiring managers (56 percent) to perform hiring activities remotely for the first time

  • Skills training (53 percent)
  • Team introductions (40 percent)
  • Technology on-boarding and setup (38 percent)
  • Assessing new hire aptitude (30 percent)
  • Making client introductions (27 percent)

This would suggest that, as they had had no prior training in this area, they just had to do the best they could

Our experience is that Leaders who are planning remote workforce must develop their managers in smarter leadership skills. Organisations require Leaders that can hire, onboard, motivate and lead in a whole new way.  Only those with the requisite skills will achieve a high performance culture and keep the best talent.

Our Smart Leadership Programme develops the skills of those managing distributed teams. The tide has turned on the way we work and it is time to adapt and learn new skills.