Things can only get better!

Things can only get better.

The CIPD say more than half of UK employers intend to recruit staff in the next three months, according to new research.  The sectors mentioned include Finance, Healthcare, Insurance Education and ICT.

CIPD (the Human Resources Professional Body) and recruiter Adecco say about 56% of 2,000 firms surveyed said they plan to hire in the first quarter of 2021 – the highest figure in a year!

Good News at last!

What with schools going back in March, the Vaccine rolling out and now this little nugget. Things can only get better. One things is for certain, there will be many more ‘Distributed Teams’ knocking around.  What is a distributed team, I hear you say?

It is one who’s team members may be working a working from home, in a hub, mobile or in the office.  To manage this sort of dispersed team requires an uplift in leadership skills and the ability to build 2-way trust.  Managers without that skill can make a real pigs ear of it.  Leaders who invest in these skills will be those that will clean up on the new ‘smart’ roles.

Be honest, are your Managers really up to the task of managing  distributed teams?  If you answered ‘No’. Well, perhaps they need a little bit of investment before you go much further. And if you are searching for a new role – make sure you too have the necessary skills to succeed in this new jobs market.

Upskill to a Smart Leader

Olly and I are running an open programme – An Introduction to Smart Leadership. If you are interested please contact us for details today

With a little investment in your smart future – Things can only get better!