Three Smart Ideas for 2023

Well Hello 2023!

We’re glad to see the back of 2022 with it’s war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, fuel price hikes and the winter of disruption. More so than usual, we’re looking forward to the New Year, here at the Smart Working Revolution.

It’s our experience that fewer Leaders are making radical change to their workforce…. but they are adjusting and tweaking incrementally. With this in mind, here are a few trends we’ve worked on with Clients recently, ready for action in January:

1.  Tweaking Hybrid arrangements to work smarter

Work-life balance is now a vital consideration: 65% of workers globally say it’s the most important aspect of work, according to research carried out by the folks at CapGemini.

Meanwhile, the folks at Linkedin report that 20% of job applications in the UK are for remote work. Ultimately, those employers that offer smarter ways of working and operating will have greater appeal to attract and retain the talent.  It’s a key factor in being able to achieve growth.

Adaptability is key.  How can you make your hybrid model work smarter?  Let us set up an innovation session with you this January to spearhead your thinking.

2.  Bridging the Vacancies Gap

In the Netherlands a whopping 75% of women work part time and their skills and expertise help the country to prosper.

They say that while 6. 8 million people are working part time in the UK, a further 8 million are looking for part-time work. Many of those are not working because of the lack of part time opportunities.

That’s why Smart Leaders are tapping into the part-time market already and intend to do more of this next year.  If you miss out on this lucrative seam of talent and your competitors target it – well you are in for another tricky year.

Talk to us about the grant funded programmes we run here in Cornwall to build talent that can work part time and remotely for you – wherever you are based.

3.  Learning in a Hybrid World

While re realised the important of creating a sense of belonging to encourage a healthy culture over the past year, the Smart organisations are taking it a little further

In 2023, Leaders will not only be deliberate about how they use the virtual office for supervision and development, but they will also take a thorough look at how people can connect to learn when remote.

Who needs to transfer knowledge with who in your organisation to enable business growth?  What arrangements have you made for senior and junior staff to collaborate?  How can you enable faster onboarding onto new projects in 2023

Why not organise a Workshop with us to work out how learning and development can help you transform your business.

After all Talent is the new cash flow.

Get in touch and we will organise a Discovery Session for you.  You have transformation practitioners on hand here to help you achieve a Bumper Business Year in 2023!