Three Tips for Managing Distributed Teams

By the end of this decade most organisations will employ distributed teams.

A distributed team is a group of employees, in various geographic regions, which uses technology to work together on projects.  Just like Leaders who manage smart teams, Team Members want to know how to give their best performance.

Here are 3 tips to help you lead a smooth operation:

  1. Ideally, distributed team members will meet each other in person more than once in a business setting. It’s not always feasible, but a social gathering makes it much more likely that the team will trust and like each other.
  2. We are so much more punctual when we know the meeting will be short and productive. On conference calls,  why not ensure agendas are sent out in advance? Build in discussion time to allow input and consensus across the team. Sensible ground rules, for example asking attendees to reduce distractions and noise during the call, will help to keep the group focused and on track.
  3. When we agree solid objectives and allow a certain degree of flexibility in how those objectives are met, we find that individuals take responsibility for getting their work done.  Remember to ensure they know when and how to speak up with concerns or suggestions.

Developing Smart Teams

Over the past 20 years, we have found that the most successful smart working programmes combine top down training for Leaders with bottom up training for smart teams and individuals.

However, some businesses ‘wing it’ and try to manage without proper training for their workers.  When the team is not educated in the art of smart work, many project fail.

Our award winning Smart Teams Programme  includes these 4 modules:

  1. Start Working Smart
  2. Building 2 way Trust
  3. Well-being
  4. Smart Communication

The programme is delivered through a blended variety of options including bite sized videos, video-conference, open learning workbooks and face to face sessions.  As a result, this makes the process relatively inexpensive.

Why not email us to arrange a chat about your needs.

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