Turing – Technology and Smart Working.

Alan Turing was a top bloke!  Here’s why:

1. His machines helped to win a war.

2. His legacy helped change social attitudes in Britain toward homosexuality.

3. And his revolutionary work gifted us the foundation for modern computers so that we are able to adopt smarter ways of working.

‘Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible’. Alan Turing

Thank you Mr Turing – winner of BBC2 Icons of the 20th Century.

Now we require Todays UK Government Bodies, Councils and Authorities to step up to the plate and become role models for smarter ways of doing business.

We also require UK Executives to shift their mindset, from seeing AI as a tech experiment, to a strategic opportunity.

Where we harness the use of AI and tech to move away from the need to be tied to a desk 9 to 5, we will begin to provide jobs and a purpose for people in all part of the UK – even those in remote areas.

Today we look to those UK Leaders who, like Turing, are brave enough to step up and find new ways of working that have an amazing impact on society.

After all, WORK HAPPENS IN BRAINS – NOT OFFICES and the business benefits are tremendous.


As the guy said “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” ― Alan Turing

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