We are not Consultants!!!!

The other day, someone referred to me as a consultant. My heckles went up. Why? What is wrong with the job title? Doesn’t a consultant provide Leaders with expert advice on a particular subject? Well, yes, we do that – but we do more than give advice.

We are practitioners – not consultants.

There is a difference. A practitioner actively engages in an art, discipline, or profession and with 21 years of implementing smart working into organisation, both large and small – we know our onions – so to speak. We partner with you, interpret your needs and help you to execute change effectively. Our skillset will guide through the maze of challenges and pitfalls so that the transformation of your workforce is successful.


We respect your in-depth leadership and management take on the way that your business needs to work – but we will also challenge your wisdom, share better solution and explain what pitfalls you may encounter. We’re here to help you navigate those challenges. We made the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

Our Practitioners take time to understand your business perspective. Each organisation we work with is unique and before we begin working with you we want to know what strategies are being implemented elsewhere in the business. It is also crucial to understand your customer perspective too.

When we engage with your people, which we frequently do as engagement and feedback is crucial to the success of a transformation programme like hybrid working, we speak your narrative – your language. We don’t expect your workforce to buy into the change immediately. After all. Hybrid working means different things to different people.

Our aim is to put ourselves in to the shoes of your workforce and help them understand the bigger picture – including customer needs. We believe that a comfort zone has less to do with control and more to do with knowledge and understanding.

The Penny Drops

So, we help your workforce to uncover what hybrid working means and we take time to listen to their fears.  We make sure that we explain the pitfalls and the challenges.  Gradually, your people will begin to realise that every one of their colleagues wants something a little different to meet their personal needs.  Next, they recognise that if that were enabled, it would lead to mayhem. The penny drops – we need to be a little better organised! We need a model that matches customer needs but which offers choice of smarter ways of working too.

If you have had an unpleasant experience of consultants in the past – that’s because they don’t know their onions like we do.  Acknowledge that and try something different.

Try us.