Welcome the Workplace Warriors

I’m now a Workplace Warrior but after I became disabled, I struggled a bit psychologically – yearned to be my normal self, and didn’t know how I would be accepted in the workplace.

I was contracting at the time and went for a new role in the financial district of the City.  I got a cab from St Pancras Station and arrived at the Offices near Cornhill.

Then dismantled my folding walking stick & hid it in my bag!

Walking carefully to the receptionist, I asked for the Interviewer. She smiled and said yes, he’s through there up on the mezzanine! (Oh God no)

I hobbled up these old ironwork steps and walked as carefully and normally as I could to where my interviewer was sitting

Anyway, I got the contract & started the project a couple of weeks later. On arrival for my first day, I folded the stick up & put it in my bag. I managed OK for most of the morning. Then the Boss said – come on Ruth – lets do lunch. (Oh God no)

I’d weighed him up.  He seemed OK, so in the lift I said – I’ve got something to tell you. He looked shocked – what is it?

I opened my bag and pulled out the foldable stick.

He hugged me.

There are millions of other Warriors in this world – we’ve got great brains & experience…… plus a disability- it’s important that businesses display inclusion and diversity openly to us.  We’re afraid.

In Cornwall, we’re working with The Inclusivity Project to raise awareness to Employers about how disabled employees feel about the workplace.

Wherever you are based, Contact us for help with building a diverse and inclusive Smart Workforce!