What do Smart Leaders Look Like?

Smart Leaders know that Employees do not take leave of their responsibilities, families, hobbies or parental feeling when they walk through your office door.  They recruit the right people with the right aptitudes in the first place.

Smart Leaders build 2 way trust.  They set objectives, set deadlines and then step back to let the people they have SO carefully selected, do their best work.

Smart Leaders measure business outcomes. Then they praise or offer development.  They care about the work produced, not the hours a worker puts in!

Smart Leaders know that work happens in Brains – not offices.

Smart Leaders think smart – coach smart – lead smart!

Our introduction to Smart Leadership covers 4 essential pillars of managing smart teams:

  1. Achieving Goals
  2. Achieving Two Way Trust
  3. Engaging and motivating individuals and teams
  4. Using technology to support Goals, Trust and Engagement

Underpinning our programme is Smart Worker Wellbeing. There is a programme running in Birmingham on 17th May.  You can join it as an individual or a team.Book here

Your Employees deserve the best. We’ve got it sorted.

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