What if Schools Shut Down?

What If Schools did shut down could this Country cope?

Yes, of course we would, we could adapt!

  • Online learning while Mum & Dad work? Hey, they may learn a lot about work!
  • Virtual classes while Mum & Dad work?
  • Schools TV Channel?
  • Would outdoor walking classes be safe?
  • Park classes? Surf classes?

After all, Education happens in Brains, not schoolrooms.

And then, Emergency Schools for Emergency worker’s kids? I’ve just read a Robert Peston article that says this is under consideration by the UK Government.

Perhaps our children can go Back to School in the summer when the virus has subsided, the weather is good and some classes can be taken outside?

I know not every school will be so fortunate……but the view below, beyond our hedge, is our local primary school’s playing field. Loads of space to run around.

Strikes me, we need a Revolution in Education anyway and this is the time to trial it.

Let’s get our Smart Thinking caps on. We’re looking to Leaders of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors of the UK, to turn traditional thinking on it’s head now to Keep Britain Working!

Lots more bright ideas coming you way in our Remote Ready Webinars