What is a Smart Workforce Pilot?

What is a Smart Workforce Pilot?

This fully co-ordinated programme is absolutely essential if you want to work out which smart workforce model will match your unique business needs as well as customer and employee demands.

Smart Working is a business wisdom.  The workshops helps leaders to understand how their culture, technology, engagement, leadership style and the mindset of their people, will impact the success of the pilot.

There are 50 different options to choose from in our smart workforce model and our practitioners will help you to find what’s most appropriate for your organisation.

The pilot will be coordinated by expert Smart Working Practitioners and you’ll have access to our expertise, toolkit and resources.

What does it involve?

We are here to help you and your organisation get in the best position for your workforce model to succeed. The pilot includes various combinations of the following:

Discovery Workshops

Delivered by highly experienced Smart Working Revolution Facilitators who have been successfully implementing these workforce models for 21 years. Workshop delivery is blended and includes face to face, online webinars, recordings and resources, built on 21 years of expertise. This body of practice will help you decide on the best model for your business and overcome common challenges, pitfalls and misconceptions.

Over the last 21 years, we’ve already found the pitfalls and made the mistakes, so that you don’t have to


You will be matched with one of the expert practitioners from the Smart Working Revolution who has the wealth experience that is necessary to coach you through your unique pilot.


You will become part of our Smart Leadership Community – a network of Smart Leaders who share best practice, learning and experience.


Our practitioners will work with you to establish relevant smart metrics for your organisation.  This is the way we will define what success looks like in your unique case. These metrics will be used to monitor success throughout your pilot and beyond.  They will match your unique organisational requirements, but often include:

  • Leadership Capability
  • Productivity
  • Engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Adaptability

While there is a tried and tested methodology for the pilot, it is flexible, because we know that you’ll need to adapt your model according to what’s happening in your business, with your employees and to match demands!

Smart Leadership Programme

A bespoke programme will be designed specifically with your Leaders in mind.  This unique and award winning programme will equip them with the right skills for managing hybrid and distributed teams is also available.

Who is it for?

Organisations who are considering implementing a Hybrid Workforce. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, post pandemic plus deliver unrivalled customer service, this is the programme for you. You’ll have 24/7 access to the expertise, toolkit and resources you’ll need to run a smooth and successful pilot

How can I find out more?

In 2022 we are running short introductory sessions.  Join us to find out more about how smart working can help you business.

Drop a line to us here and we will invite you to the next one