What is the Number One Miracle Cure?

It is a Miracle Cure? My personal remedy for a healthy Mindset.

Can you guess what it is?????

Walking of course! I used to walk miles in the Countryside Now, with this disability, it’s more of a hobble! I still do it.

A good walk does wonders for my well-being. I’m an introvert and it is my way of recharging.  It’s also the time when I come up with many new ideas.

Walking is not just for the weekend

A 20 minute walk during a lunch break does wonders for the mind and the body – yes it takes a bit of tenacity at this time of year when it’s so cold, damp and grey – but the benefits are amazing.

If they could bottle something that had the same effect on people – it would be lauded as a Wonder Drug.

Smart Walking is a therapy. Time to think and put things into perspective, to get creative. It improves my self-esteem, lifts my mind and improves sleep quality. Stress fades away and my senses awaken.

Perhaps you could take a walk each lunchtime – to the shop, the park or just around the block – breathe in the free air.

Treat yourself today……Escape the Office. It’s free – there’s no membership fee.

This is a clip from our Smart Teams Well-being Workshop.  Contact us for details of the one day event that can help you implement an innovative well-being programme that won’t break the bank and your employees will just love.