When ‘Management’ is just a Job Title

For some, ‘Management’ is a job title rather than a skill and a bit of an ego trip too.  For donkey’s years they got away with it – because we were mostly office based. But no more…..

Take away the physical office space and it becomes harder for these Managers to survive, let alone thrive. They don’t know how to delegate to or lead a distributed team. And they lack the skill to build two way trust within their team, to coach virtually and to work to outcomes. They’re used to judging people by the number of hours spent in front of a screen, seemingly productive, when most likely they are not.

And you can feel for those Managers, can’t you? Many built a good career on being one of the ‘in-crowd’. In the past, they have been valued for their diplomacy and undying support by those above them, rather than their skill or as the Leader of a super productive Team.

Then the Pandemic Hit!

Suddenly, Hybrid Working and in particular remote working, shines a light on those Leaders who are skilled – who’s teams are productive.

Equally, Remote Work exposes those who’ve survived by being nice to the Boss. They’ve gone along with the same old, same old rather than questioning the norm and improving the way things are done. Why rock the boat when you’re doing so well?

Yes, they’ve been great at packaging up other’s work to present at exec meetings. But do we need so many middle men and women in this new world of work? Perhaps not if we are all working to outcomes rather than presenteeism.

In the new world of work, this old fashioned way of operating doesn’t particularly add much value to the objectives and vision of the business, does it? Why not ask your people to package up their own work, send it on to the Boss themselves.  Reduce the overhead.

But, that won’t suit those traditional office friendly leaders. Maybe that is why the press is full of them bleating that we must return to the office so quickly.

Well, it seems that nature is holding up their plans.

Smart Leaders

Meanwhile, Smart Leaders have found a better way to get things done, haven’t they?

Do you have Leaders who need an injection of Smart Leadership?   Leaders who see ‘Management’ as just a job title – an ego trip – rather than a skill.

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