Case Study – Coodes Solicitors

The Challenge

Coodes Solicitors, a leading law firm in Cornwall, were looking to adapt to the changing work landscape and be at the forefront of the sectors transition to an agile working approach.

Whilst the firm successfully adopted and maintained agile working immediately when the pandemic hit, the company recognised the need to formalise this into a clear strategy post-pandemic. As part of this, the company sought to adopt the principles of smart and hybrid working.

They understood the need to create a more flexible and collaborative work environment that would enhance employee productivity, attract top talent and meet the evolving needs of their clients through the implementation of a long-term strategy.

Seeking guidance from industry experts, they sought the assistance of the Smart Working Revolution, a renowned consultancy with over 20 years of experience in implementing and transforming workforces.

The Solution

Coodes Solicitors embarked on a comprehensive transformation towards agile hybrid working practices. They embraced technology and implemented cloud-based systems and communication tools to facilitate seamless collaboration and remote working capabilities.

The firm also formally introduced new agile working policies, methods and guidance that empowered employees to find a more agile way of working and to choose locations based on their preferences and responsibilities. This shift has allowed for a more agile and adaptable approach to work.

But, putting in place formal policies and providing improved technology has only been half the story. Coodes have successfully built a culture of trust, accountability, and clear communication to ensure successful remote collaboration.

This best practice approach is rooted in continuous evaluation, to refine the smart and hybrid working practices based on employee feedback and changing industry trends. Coodes has committed to continuing this approach to fine tune the system as the legal sector evolves.

The Results

The formal and permanent adoption of agile working principles yielded significant benefits for Coodes Solicitors. Employees experienced more surety on future working practices, increased job satisfaction and work-life balance, leading to improved productivity and engagement.

Clients benefited from improved accessibility and responsiveness due to the seamless communication channels and virtual meeting capabilities, enhancing businesses confidence in Coodes. The firm also witnessed cost savings through reduced office space requirements and increased operational efficiency.

By partnering with the Smart Working Revolution, Coodes Solicitors successfully navigated the challenges of adopting agile hybrid working. Coodes Solicitors successfully transformed their work environment to adapt to the changing demands of the modern workforce. Their commitment to leveraging technology, implementing new working policies and prioritising employee well-being exemplifies best practices in adopting smart and hybrid working models.

This transformation has positioned Coodes Solicitors as an agile and forward-thinking organisation that embraces innovative approaches to meet client needs and attract top legal talent.

Well done Coodes!  It is a delight to work with you!