Smart Working is a Business Wisdom

As we transition out of full remote working, creating opportunities for people to safely come together and interact in person will be more important than ever.

Leaders who engage with this issue at an early stage and encourage colleagues to meet and connect on a social level, communicate openly and develop shared experiences, will reap the rewards, both in terms of a healthy and positive workforce and a vibrant and enthusiastic business culture. What’s crucial is that your workforce model matches customer demands

There are bold choices and there are easy choices in business. We stand for those who step up to the plate — the bold, the visionary, the entrepreneurs and the Smart Leaders. Those who surprise the world by taking a leap into the future.

Olly Thompson, Director of Revolution.

As we move forward to the new hybrid reality, we will help you organise your workforce around human behaviour – whether that is a flexible location – such as hub, mobile, remote and office – or contracts and hours and equip both your Leaders and your Teams with skills fit for a prosperous future.

We’ll help you organise and lead your workforce in a way you never thought possible and help you step into future with an entrepreneurial mindset and the tools to thrive!

Dive in to a world of Smart Working options

Two decades of successful Smart Working implementation!

We’ve been implementing Smart Workforce models for the last 20 years. We’ve discovered the pitfalls and learned from our mistakes so you don’t have to.

Until you work with the Revolution, you won’t realise there are more than 50 different Smart Working options for you to choose from! Ruth Gawthorpe, CEO of the Revolution.

We’ll open your eyes to ways of working you’ve never considered before. It takes a forward-thinking approach and bold choices to get to the future and we’re here to help you find your unique formula.

Adopt Smart Working and you will put a smile on the face of your workforce – and after all, your customers can hear a smile!


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Our Services

Proven methods that help organisations implement successful smart working solutions that improve productivity.

Our Services

Smart Leadership

Our award winning development programmes help Leaders to ensure their workforce enjoy their work, give their best performance and improve business outputs.

Smart Leadership


Tried and tested workshops that help your teams get the best from your unique Smart Workforce Model.


What type of smart working will suit your business?

Every business is different.  Some smart options will suit your business and some will not. Smart Businesses consider not only what flexible options will work for them but also how leaders will be developed and how teams will be managed for optimum performance.

That’s why we suggest you start with a feasibility workshop  for your team to understand the flexible working options. We will introduce your to our Workforce Model including more than 50 Smart Options and also how to build 2 way trust.

We work with a variety of organisations running pilot programmes and implementing successful smart working solutions that improve productivity by at least 13%.  That’s nearly one day per week!

Take a 4 minute survey to find out how your business can work smarter

Basic Smart Workforce Model

The Smart Workforce Model


  • I’m pleased we chose to work with The Smart Working Revolution. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result helped our business massively.

    Rob LoveCrowdfunder
  • The work that we did with the Smart Working Practitioners was thought provoking on a number of fronts. The team found it both stimulating and enjoyable – very timely. We’ve already implemented some great improvements.

    Anna ToddWhich Legal
  • The Experts from the Smart Working Revolution will guide you through every step of the design of the workforce model. With their help, we managed to put our plans and savings in place at pace.

    Gary DugganSaga

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The History of the Smart Working Revolution

21 years ago, Olly & I worked for a business called Inkfish Call Centres. It was there that we first trialled Smart Working. We introduced amazing options such as Gym, Term Time, Winter Warmer and School Leaver Teams. We ran training in NLP subjects such as emotional intelligence, building two way trust  and coaching for […]

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