Smart Working is a Business Wisdom

Your Business Model has changed as a result of Covid19 and now you want to build a unique workforce model that will fit this new and uncertain world we face. Happily, our tried and tested methods can help you to do just that.

Our intelligent workforce design will not only help you save on expensive office space but also solve the challenge of meeting customer service demands.  Plus, it will enable productivity, communication and collaboration improvements that attract and retain the best talent.

With our help, you will organise your workforce more effectively. But you will also develop smarter ways of working that match customer demands!

Two decades of successful Smart Working implementation!

Leaders and Workers are demanding change – but both want more choice than simply remote working. The workforce model that we have built is unique and contains more than 50 different Smart Working options for you to choose from.

And once you combine better organisation of the workforce with Smart Leadership skills it helps you:

  • Implement ways working that suit your unique business and customer demands
  • Develop Thoughtful Leaders who attract and retain the best people
  • Improve business performance

Adopt Smart Working and you will put a smile on the face of your workforce – and after all, you can hear a smile!

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Dive in to a world of Smart Working options

Our Services

Proven methods that help organisations implement successful smart working solutions that improve productivity.

Our Services

Smart Leadership

Our award winning development programmes help Leaders to ensure their workforce enjoy their work, give their best performance and improve business outputs.

Smart Leadership


Tried and tested workshops that help your teams get the best from your unique Smart Workforce Model.


What type of smart working will suit your business?

Every business is different.  Some smart options will suit your business and some will not. Smart Businesses consider not only what flexible options will work for them but also how leaders will be developed and how teams will be managed for optimum performance.

That’s why we suggest you start with a feasibility workshop  for your team to understand the flexible working options. We will introduce your to our Workforce Model including more than 50 Smart Options and also how to build 2 way trust.

We work with a variety of organisations running pilot programmes and implementing successful smart working solutions that improve productivity by at least 13%.  That’s nearly one day per week!

Take a 4 minute survey to find out how your business can work smarter

Basic Smart Workforce Model

The Smart Workforce Model


  • I’m pleased we chose to work with The Smart Working Revolution. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result helped our business massively.

    Rob LoveCrowdfunder
  • The work that we did with the Smart Working Practitioners was thought provoking on a number of fronts. The team found it both stimulating and enjoyable – very timely. We’ve already implemented some great improvements.

    Anna ToddWhich Legal
  • The Experts from the Smart Working Revolution will guide you through every step of the design of the workforce model. With their help, we managed to put our plans and savings in place at pace.

    Gary DugganSaga

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