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Will the corporate office become a thing of the past?

Will the corporate office become a thing of the past? Here are a 5 thoughts for Leaders planning a new workforce model: 1. Is it essential to return to the office? You’ve managed thus far & I’m struggling to think of any roles that need to be done in an open plan office. Besides, we […]

Facing the New Normal!

Life will never be the same – we’ve well and truly moved on – before long we’ll be facing the ‘New Normal’. But the announcement due from Boris on Sunday is almost certain to send another round of shock waves through the business world. Let’s hope Leaders are better prepared than they were when Lockdown […]

The Future is for Smart Leaders

For Smart Leaders, life will never be the same. They will take the learning from Lockdown and help build a more inclusive society for the UK Workforce. This is the script from our recent Webinar Prioritising What business should you be prioritising?  Who will be crucial to delivery?  What is your duty of care to […]

Is Resilience just Pink and Fluffy Stuff?

I’m not a great believer the pink and fluffy stuff.  I don’t often dwell on well-being, mental health or mindfulness – probably because I was bought up to get through life as best you can.  But, I am a great believer in Resilience.  It’s helped me get through a few difficult times over the past […]