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Ruth and Olly have got a real talent for helping you design and implement smarter ways of operating that will improve your business performance.

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Start the Camper Van

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Start the camper van and join the Revolution this summer. Across the United Kingdom, we’re working in loads of different settings, rather than being stuck inside 4 beige office walls. We are Smart Working This new freedom is unleashing creativity, building well-being and releasing us from the age old, […]

Inject Smart Leadership into your business

At the heart of Smart Leadership is the concept that we trust our employees.  Smart Leaders know that Smart Workers will work smart anywhere – Shirkers will shirk anywhere.  If you can’t trust your people – why did you hire them? Smart Leadership means allowing our carefully recruited people to shape how they will do […]

Smart Towns & Villages

They’ve lived off the back of the Commute for donkeys years but if the likes of Costa & Pret want to survive they’ll have to move to where the commuters are and that’s increasingly in our Smart Towns and Villages. Working From Home reduces the need for traditional offices but it’s not everyone’s cup of […]

The Tide has Turned on the Way we Work

The tide has turned on the way we work, but it took a pandemic. Traditional Leaders had to take a leap of faith on 23rd March. But what happened next was a a realisation that they could trust their people after all Consequently, we are seeing one CEO after another is announcing that their organisation […]