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    The Knotty Challenges of Hybrid Working

    Hybrid Working uncovers a number of knotty challenges for middle managers. 1. Many Managers haven’t been trained to manage the complex organisation of work patterns that hybrid brings to your door. How do managers maintain a sense of fairness? Some people have to be on site and others can more easily do their job remotely.  […]

    How can we bring a smile to your face this summer?

    How can we bring a smile to your face this summer?  Well, when you are implementing a new workforce model, you really do need a good sounding board to support you. So, as Smart Working Practitioners – we are here to help when needed. Here are just a few ways we can support your transformation […]

    Hybrid Working – Do The Maths

    There are many different types of options to choose from and implementing Hybrid Workforce Models can be complex. So, as practitioners – where do we begin……. Hybrid working is one of a number of type of smart working. It emerges in a number of forms: 1. Hybrid fully flex – Employees can choose which day/s […]

    Job Descriptions are full of drivel!

    Job Descriptions! Why are they full of such drivel? Well, according to history, IBM started it. They produced a job description back in 1949 and it seemed to catch on. That was 73 years ago, so you would think JDs would have evolved by now – yet most that I read these days are generic, […]