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Smart workforce transformation improves productivity by at least 13%. That’s nearly one day per week!

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Avoid Employee Attrition – Deploy Smart Working Instead

Here at the Revolution we solve workforce problems and some clients come to us because they have challenges with leavers – they are losing good people – and after all, talent is cash flow, isn’t it? Turnover is also darned expensive and the lost opportunity costs are damaging too. Today, we are sharing some of […]

How to attract people to the office for collaboration

I solve workforce challenges, and one question keeps popping up: How do we get remote-friendly folks to join us in the office for collaboration, without making it mandatory? It’s a puzzle I’ve spent a lot of time working on with clients and I’ve come up with some strategies that do the trick. Flexibility is Key […]

Remote = Higher Productivity + Lower Wage Growth

Remote Working is gaining popularity with smart leaders, and for good reason! According to The Decision Maker Panel survey, remote working leads to higher productivity levels while simultaneously lowering wage growth. Plus, with employees eager to work from home, firms can also benefit from reduced recruitment and retention costs. This could potentially lead to increased […]