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Presenteeism is Ugly, Isn’t it?

Presenteeism is ugly, isn’t it? It telegraphs the Leaders lack of trust in their team and it is the type of mindset that is ruining our Planet! Thankfully a whole host of Thoughtful Leaders are turning that traditional thinking on it’s head. But are you? Recruitment Thoughtful Leaders clean up on recruitment and compete in […]

How to convince your Boss to adopt Smart Working

Do you want to know how to convince your Boss to adopt Smart Working? Smart Working includes combinations of hub, remote or mobile working, smart desking, plus a myriad of different contracts types and hours. However, to get a smart workforce model off the ground, you’ll need to convince top leadership to trial it. Using […]

Smart Leaders question the Norm

Smart Leaders Question the Norm. Here’s why. As a child, I was expected to conform – to adhere to a desired set of behaviours. As an Adult, I’m expected to accept, mostly without question, an outmoded, uniform view of the world. We own our brain – yet the power of what’s expected of us, the […]

The Performance Appraisal is dead. Long live the catch-up!

The Performance Appraisal is dead. We traditionally viewed them as the best way to evaluate individual performance.  It’s no longer the case, as today’s more forward thinking Leaders, find them of little value. As a result, they are falling out of fashion.  Here’s why: They are a huge de-motivator Appraisals introduce unnecessary stress and anxiety […]