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    When ‘Management’ is just a Job Title

    For some, ‘Management’ is a job title rather than a skill and a bit of an ego trip too.  For donkey’s years they got away with it – because we were mostly office based. But no more….. Take away the physical office space and it becomes harder for these Managers to survive, let alone thrive. […]

    Talent is the New Cash Flow

    Let’s face it, Talent is the new Cash Flow. If you haven’t got the right people with the right skills to do the work – you can’t make the revenues you planned. Pundits reckon that 40% of workers will quit their role over the next few months as the pandemic has made them re-evaluate their […]

    The Future of Work

    The last couple of years has been turbulent and uncertain and we continue to remain unsure of what the future of work will hold. In March 2020, Leaders had to take a leap of faith and trust their people to work remotely.  They did. But recently, some employees have returned to the office full-time.  Meanwhile, […]

    The Enemies of Change

    What are the Enemies of Change? The world of work has changed significantly due to the Pandemic and Leaders continue to deal with unpredictable times. As we continue to experience challenges and move toward new target operating models, digital transformation, a more permanent flexible or hybrid workforce, our leaders continue to be stretched and exposed.  […]