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    Mental Resilience: Navigating Life’s Rich Pageant

    When discussing well-being and productivity in professional spheres, the dialogue often gravitates towards the theme of mental health. And rightly so, given the critical role that mental health plays in our daily functioning. However, for leaders aiming to foster a thriving environment, the focus needs to pivot from simply acknowledging mental health to actively building […]

    The Changing Nature of Office Spaces

    With more employees working remotely or on flexible schedules, the traditional office model is under transformation. From dedicated office suites to shared spaces and hubs, there is a growing emphasis on versatility and adaptability. Let’s review the changing nature of office space Personalisation – A Shift from ‘One Size Fits All’ In the era of […]

    The Story of Lucy and Cultural Change at Beta Hub

    In the historic city of Bath, UK, Lucy, a seasoned People and Culture Manager, landed a new role at Beta Hub, a large, shared centre operation. Excited yet cautious, Lucy stepped into an environment teeming with challenges, where cultural change was desperately needed. From her first week, Lucy observed employees working in silos, each team […]

    What is Your ‘Man on the Moon’ Moment?

    In the early 1960s, during the height of the Apollo program, NASA’s mission to put a man on the moon was in full swing. Amidst the fervour and meticulous preparation, John F Kennedy was visiting the scientists, engineers, administrators and astronauts who were united by a shared belief that they could achieve the seemingly impossible. […]