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Ruth and Olly at The Smart Working Revolution have got a real talent for helping businesses to design and implement smarter ways of operating that achieves improved business performance.

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Smart Working is a Business Wisdom

Smart Working is a Business Wisdom It’s much broader than mere Flexible Working.  Some people automatically think that smart working is about working from home, for instance, but it’s not! Other Leaders think they can issue their people with a laptop and a smart phone and that comprises a smart workforce model,but it doesn’t. Innovative […]

Fishing for Fun is Smart!

Anyone who knows Olly and I will know that we love a bit of fun! A piece of research that was posted by the Wall Street Journal and the iOpener Institute backs up my theory that fun is good for the soul. They shared some hard data. Happy employees, they said: Stay twice as long […]

An Interview with Mr. Old Fashioned.

I interviewed Mr Old Fashioned last week for our Smart Leadership Blog and began by asking him why he had not adopted any smart working options in his business yet. Mr Old-Fashioned: I can’t trust my people to work away from the office. Me: Why did you hire them? Smart Working is a real challenge […]

Is your Appraisal System a re-run of The Prisoner?

Ever watched “The Prisoner” – a unique piece of television? It’s weird, wonderful & worth a watch. It addresses individualism. Number Six is monitored heavily by No. 2, the Village Administrator, who’s an agent for the unseen “Number One” At one point No 6 says – I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, […]