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    Things can only get better!

    Things can only get better. The CIPD say more than half of UK employers intend to recruit staff in the next three months, according to new research.  The sectors mentioned include Finance, Healthcare, Insurance Education and ICT. CIPD (the Human Resources Professional Body) and recruiter Adecco say about 56% of 2,000 firms surveyed said they […]

    Get into the Groove

    This February, it is time to get back into the Groove When Leaders took that leap of faith just short of a year ago, who’d have believed how much more productive we’ve been than initially expected. Brilliant. But now, the monotony is getting a little too much for even the smartest of workers. Advocates of […]

    Quereinsteige, Forfait mobilité durable and the Voluntary Returns Scheme

    What do Quereinsteige, Forfait mobilité durable and the UK’s Voluntary Returns Scheme have in common…… They are all examples of how fast the future of work is changing across Europe. Read on…… Germany On average, Germans work in the same job for 11 years, but recent surveys indicate that the opposite.  “Quereinsteiger” or career changers […]

    Rough Seas Make Great Sailors

    They say rough seas make great sailors and boy, are we navigating our way through stormy and uncertain waters. In 2021, there’s a Smart Power we must possess if we want to navigate our way to calmer seas. It is an Iron Will and we need to boost it! We’ve identified some smart skills that […]