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Ruth and Olly at The Smart Working Revolution have got a real talent for helping businesses to design and implement smarter ways of operating that achieves improved business performance.

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Is there an antidote to Brexit?

Is there an antidote to Brexit? This Brexit mess. We could sit around wallowing in the uncertainty?  How about we try blaming one another – will that solve it? We can wait for the politicians to slug it out? Nah, I’ve got a better idea……..let’s start a Revolution! There is a whole heap of stuff […]

Recruiting Remote Workers that fit the bill!

Not everyone suits remote working! Some people perform better in the structure of an office environment.  Some enjoy the working from a Hub.    Meanwhile others thrive when they are free to manage their work in a way that suits their lifestyle and responsibilities and avoid office based distractions. And it’s probably because these workers […]

The Way We Work – Another Perspective

If you were to land on Earth as an Alien and observe the way we work, you would assume the following: That we are our most creative, prolific selves between 9 AM and 5 PM That group meetings are bastions of productivity The best way to accelerate thought is by confining it inside walls. When […]

The Technology Factory

Scotiabank introduced The Technology Factory to provide tech services to their business.  They set up the Factory in 2015.  As a result, sales have doubled! Headed by the bank’s chief digital officer, the factory employs 700 technologists and functional specialists.  Small agile teams share expertise, development tools and methods, software and analytics. Scotiabank structured its […]