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My Journey Toward Self Belief

My journey toward self belief began as a schoolgirl in the 1970’s. I used to alight the School Bus in Derby & walk up Sadler Gate to get another bus to my home in Breadsall.  It was my quiet time. I used ponder my future…. I’d pass a sign written on a wall – it […]

Covid19 – Is Collaboration suffering?

Is collaboration suffering in your business due to Covid19? According to a new survey by Lucid, collaboration is suffering as a result of working remotely.  Klaxons are sounding in Business Leaders heads as this could lead to a lack of innovation and new products or ideas. Here are some of the Lucid findings: 83% of […]

A Vision of Smart Towns and Villages

We have a vision of Smart Towns and Villages. It’s not always the perfect village pictured above – which is Elton in Cambridgeshire.  Lovely as the place is, that photo was chosen to get your attention. Our vision is that we will begin to see remote working we have got used to due to Covid19 […]

How to Manage the Performance of Remote Workers

We’re often asked how to manage the performance of remote workers. Especially, when we help an organisation implement a programme of smart work? The thing to remember is that Trust impacts productivity whether workers work in the office or remotely. We find that best leaders adopt a management by outcomes approach as opposed to over-observation. […]