Smart Skills Training

Unlock your team’s full potential with our enticing range of support and blended learning options, designed to upgrade your skills and unleash brilliance. Our expert Practitioners can help your business to identify skills gaps in your existing workforce and provide the skills training you need to become more resilient and grow.

Experience the power of Smart Learning, a unique approach that transforms theory into captivating storytelling, practice into immersive media sessions and boosts knowledge retention with bite-sized bursts of wisdom. Here are some examples:

Champions of Change – Develop your Team’s skills before embarking on any Transformation.  Learn More

Smart Customer Service – This value for money programme gives your team new techniques for delivering effective, one and done, Customer Service. Learn More

Leading a Hybrid Team – Upskill Managers with this half day workshop.  Learn More

Smart Working Team Skills – Upskill your Hybrid Team so that they become really productive. Learn More

The Smart Leadership Programme – Our award winning programme. Learn more

Recruiting Smart Workers – Talent is the new Cash Flow. Recruit smater. Learn More

Outplacement Services – Bespoke, cost-effective outplacement, redeployment, career change and pre-retirement programmes.  Learn more

The Future Smart Workforce Model – Develop a hybrid working model to suit your unique business Learn More

Witness your people’s skills skyrocket to new heights as they embrace their natural way of learning.

A Phased Approach

We help you begin the smart work force journey with a feasibility workshop to work out which options work for your unique business. Next we help you to pilot these options until we reach a best fir for your organisation before full implementation.

Alongside these phases, we provide an award winning Smart Leadership Development Programme because managing teams of smart workers is very different to managing in an office. This Programme helps you build a culture of trust which is crucial if smart working is to embed successfully.

Smart Working Team Skills

We’ve been implementing smart working for the last 20 years and we have found that the most successful smart working programmes have included top down training for leaders and bottom up training for smart teams.

Our programmes for those who are smart working include:

  • Start Working Smart
  • Smart Working – Building 2 way Trust
  • Smart Wellbeing
  • Smart Communication

Smart workers will work smart anywhere.

Shirkers will shirk anywhere!

Business Benefits

You’ll uncover business benefits including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Wider talent pools
  • Extended customer service times
  • Reduced attrition
  • Reduced overheads
  • Narrow the gender pay gap
  • Improved staff engagement

Our Workshops are designed to kick start thinking about what will and what won’t work in your organisation. They are designed to help you recruit, motivate and retain smart workers that make a difference to  your customers and your business performance. Contact us for details

Smart Working Workshops

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