Smart Working Packages

We offer a variety of support and blended learning designed to help you and your team get the best from smart working.  

We use a unique learning system called SmartLearning. Unlike traditional learning, SmartLearning suits how we learn naturally, whether face to face or virtually. We turn theory into storytelling, practice into rich media sessions and pepper this with short bursts of knowledge to increase knowledge retention rates.

  • The Future Smart Workforce Model – Find out which of the 50 Smart options will work for your business post Lockdown and how to pilot for success. Learn More
  • Smart Working Team Skills – A practical range of blended learning to help your Hybrid Team develop smart working skills and approaches so that they become really productive. Learn More
  • The Smart Leadership Programme – Our award winning face to face programme that develops tomorrows Smart Leaders. Learn more
  • Leading Smart – Hybrid Teams –  Moving to a Smart and Hybrid Workforce?  Equip your Leaders with the skills to manage distributed teams. Our virtual version is cost effective.  Learn More
  • Smart Performance Management – Optimise the performance of a smart and flexible workforce – with as much as 13% increase in productivity. Learn More
  • Recruiting Smart Workers – Certain personality types suit certain type of smart options better than others.  Recruiting the right people is key to the success of a Smart Workforce. Learn More
  • Remote Working Workshops – Short virtual workshops that deliver the right skills at the right time to Smart Leaders and Smart Teams so they comfortably work remotely and continue to maintain a  great customer service. Learn more
  • How to Work Healthily From Home – Our new value for money programmes designed to give your team some TLC, tips and techniques for getting through lockdown – delivered in short, sharp takeaways. Learn More
To successfully deploy smart working you’ll need a combination of bottom up and top down learning.

A Phased Approach

We help you begin the smart work force journey with a feasibility workshop to work out which options work for your unique business. Next we help you to pilot these options until we reach a best fir for your organisation before full implementation.

Alongside these phases, we provide an award winning Smart Leadership Development Programme because managing teams of smart workers is very different to managing in an office. This Programme helps you build a culture of trust which is crucial if smart working is to embed successfully.

Smart Working Team Skills

We’ve been implementing smart working for the last 20 years and we have found that the most successful smart working programmes have included top down training for leaders and bottom up training for smart teams.

Our programmes for those who are smart working include:

  • Start Working Smart
  • Smart Working – Building 2 way Trust
  • Smart Wellbeing
  • Smart Communication
Smart workers will work smart anywhere.
Shirkers will shirk anywhere!

Business Benefits

You’ll uncover business benefits including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Wider talent pools
  • Extended customer service times
  • Reduced attrition
  • Reduced overheads
  • Narrow the gender pay gap
  • Improved staff engagement

Our Workshops are designed to kick start thinking about what will and what won’t work in your organisation. They are designed to help you recruit, motivate and retain smart workers that make a difference to  your customers and your business performance. Contact us for details

Smart Working Workshops

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