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A beautiful way to transform employee experience and productivity

Insightful Audits

Book an audit to discover where you sit on the Smart Working Hierarchy, how you can develop to the next level and increase productivity by around 13%

Smart Working Workshops

Discover our Smart Working Model which contains 60 different ways of working that you can choose from. Uncover the latest trends and strategies from industry experts in the Smart Working Revolution and consider how these might apply to your business.

Workforce Transformation Plans

Our skilled team of workforce transformation practitioners guide and support you through the full transformation from shared vision to the critical success factors to successful implementation and beyond.

Client Transformation

Listen in to insights from Emma, HR Director of Crowdfunder, Jo, Chief People Officer at Ventrica and Elise, Lawyer and Director at Coodes Solicitors on how they have transformed their organisations.

Why does change fail?

Building 2 way trust

Traditional Leaders compete on salary.  Smart Leaders compete on lifestyle compensation

A Smart Customer Experience

Customer service is the heartbeat of every successful business but like everything else in this world it is changing and we must say goodbye to the outdated practices. Are you ready to elevate your customer experience?

Our workshops will equip your people with the modern day skills and mindset needed to provide a good customer experience relevant in today’s fast-paced environment.

We’ll dive deep into the art of communication, problem-solving and building meaningful connections that resonate with today’s customers. From mastering digital tools to delivering personalised experiences, we’ll empower your people to become customer superheroes.

We’ll help you think smarter about the customer experience and how you can optimise that feel good factor that we all have when we have been well treated.  We’ll also introduce you to practical improvements that your team can make to the customer journey.

How to lead a smart working team

What is Smart Working

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