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We have 20 years experience of smart workforce implementation and we want to share it with you.

Guest Speakers

Our entertaining and knowledgeable Speakers will share stories and case studies at business events, business workshops, away days and conferences. Book a speaker here

Open Workshops

We run open workshops for those who want to learn more about smart working.  Our next dates are 27th September in Cornwall (make a short break of it) October,  in Brighton and November, in Watford.

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Smart Leadership Workshop

Smart Workers will work smart anywhere – Shirkers will shirk anywhere

Smart Leaders Programme

Managing a Distributed Team is very different to managing a team who are office based. That’s why we’ve built the UK’s first programme focused on Smart Leadership skills and now it is winning awards.

It’s proving very popular with Clients too, who want to stay ahead of the competition and plug the widening skills gap.

Our Blended Smart Leadership Programme contains everything your team needs to develop their thinking, communication and enhance business well-being.

Most importantly, each programmes is tailored for your unique business needs.

Six Modules

Your toolkit will consist of 6 topics that target those critical Smart-Aptitudes that we know, when activated, will create magic!

Through a combination of Face to Face Workshops, on-line training and coaching, your Team will experience a fully immersive development experience that works seamlessly around 6 core Business Wisdoms.  Here’s and example:

Module 1 – Mindsets

Module 2 – Thinking

Module 3 – Team

Module 4 – Relationships

Module 5 –  Performance

Module 6 – Wellbeing

This programme provides an ideal accompaniment to a smart workforce pilot or implementation, giving your leaders a skill set that spells success.

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How to lead a smart working team

Award Winning Leadership Development

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