Flexible Working

Flexible Working.  Smart Working.  Agile Working.

What ever you call it –  we all know it is a fact that some Leaders run away from it. Why?

It’s Women’s Issue

Some Leaders still believe flexible working is about women returning to work after raising a family and requesting part time hours. Yet, report after report suggests the desire for smart working and flexibility is about equal for both men and women.

In fact, our findings show that 90% of women workers and 85% of male workers would like to have flexibility in their role. Today, smart working is a preferred way of working for both men and women.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes and so should jobs.

Meeting the demand of the UK Workforce

UK industry is not meeting those demands and the jobs market lags behind demand for flexible working. Why?

  1. Some Leaders are frightened of the change required to implement a strategy – it’s easier to stay with status quo
  2. Some are unable to free their minds from the 9-5, Monday to Friday fix
  3. Some don’t have the leadership skills required to lead a team of smart workers
  4. Others don’t understand that there are many smart working options and the trick is to identify which will work in their business and which to avoid.

You and I already know that if a business doesn’t offer smart working options then it is missing out on the best talent. Simple as that.

So what do you think holds Employers back from broadening their talent pools? Thoughts?

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