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Meet The Smart Working Revolution Team

Meet Our Team

Meet the Revolution Team

Ruby Banks, Sam Delmont, Josh Hoole and Paul Aberdeen, Shamshad Walker, Alex Marples,  Olly Thompson and Ruth Gawthorpe

Ruth Gawthorpe


Meet Ruth, our fearless CEO!

A passionate advocate of Smart Working, her inspiring journey began 10 years ago when she found herself wheelchair-bound after a life-changing operation.

This experience opened her eyes to the vast pool of talent unable to endure the daily commute. Despite her disability, Ruth is now the driving force behind the Smart Working Revolution.

As a Lead Practitioner, she empowers business leaders with unparalleled products and guidance on how to operate smarter. The result? Improved business performance and an exceptional experience for both customers and employees.

She’s rewriting the rules of work, making it accessible and empowering for everyone. Join Ruth on her extraordinary journey as she paves the way for a smarter, more inclusive future of work.

Oliver Thompson

Introducing Oliver: Our Director of Revolution!

As a Lead Facilitator, he’s on a mission to transform the way organisations operate now and in the future. His passion lies in helping businesses thrive.

With his Leadership Programmes, Oliver immerses himself in your business strategy, cultivating a Culture of Trust essential for successful Smart Working implementation.

Oliver collaborates closely with clients, delivering measurable results through our comprehensive development programmes. From Leaders to Smart Teams and HR, his expertise shifts mindsets towards openness and innovation.

As a celebrated keynote speaker and author of the acclaimed Business Brain, Oliver inspires and educates audiences with his insights and expertise.

Sam Delmont


Meet Sam, our dedicated Operations Manager.

Sam loves what Smart Working offers and how it helps the people we work with.

She had a challenging time in a previous role which meant having to take some time out of working. When the SWR job came up she said it was like a calling. Being able to work flexibly around location and time brought that ‘Sam sparkle’ back and she now plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of our programmes, allowing her to see participants flourish through a seamless customer journey from first contact to gaining new skills, uncovering hidden ones, boosting confidence, and even helping them get a job they never thought possible!

Sam loves her role as it is a perfect match for her skill set, making her feel valued and appreciated. She thrives in the collaborative team environment, proving that physical distance is no barrier to effective teamwork.

Sam gets her job satisfaction from the project’s rewarding nature that enhances the participants’ lives.

Josh Hoole

Meet Josh, our Director of Operations.

With a stellar background in Programme Management supporting people and businesses in Wales and Cornwall, Josh joins us to lead our latest initiative funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. He’ll help the SWR team drive innovation and foster growth in Cornwall by upskilling and raising the confidence levels of people who join our latest employability programmes.

Josh led the Cornwall Skills Hub and People Hub economic development programmes and brings that invaluable expertise and a fresh perspective to our organisation. He thrives when managing complex projects and his commitment to excellence and quality is what makes him the perfect fit for this pivotal role.

Most importantly, he will be smart working along with the rest of our talented team of practitioners and operational colleagues and in addition, he’ll be leading collaboration initiatives with local Employers from The Revolution’s HQ in St. Agnes, Cornwall.

Josh will champion our efforts in transforming the way people work, ensuring SWR and our new project achieves unparalleled success.

Ruby Banks

Meet Ruby, our awesome Employability Adviser.

Ruby comes to us with a background in qualified counselling, and has the empathy and understanding essential for fostering trust and confidence among our participants. Her ability to ask impactful questions facilitates swift progress and personal development.

With a foundation in person-centred therapy, Ruby cherishes her role at SWR for the opportunity it provides to guide participants towards realising their full potential and securing meaningful employment.

Her favourite aspect of the job? Witnessing the remarkable growth in confidence of the participants she mentors as they progress through the Smart Steps Programme. Ruby, herself a past participant of the programme, embodies the transformative journey we aim to offer each individual who joins us.

Shamshad Walker

Meet Shamshad, our Marketing Consultant

Shamshad loves smart working as she works remotely from home and can support the team in Cornwall without having to drive into an office everyday – it would be a long drive from Nottingham!

Shamshad loves all things digital and has joined the team to help promote all the great initiatives underway to help people in Cornwall to gain more skills and find employment.

Keeping up to date with changes in digital marketing is a real passion, she ensures that all the latest digital techniques are used to promote the services we offer. She also teaches individuals and business owners how to improve their digital skills. Digital skills are so important for people of all ages, so she has designed workshops that are interactive and engaging. She loves that ‘light bulb’ moment when people realise that they can become digital experts too!

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