Smart Leadership

This award winning Leadership Programme will enable your Smart Workforce to give their very best performance, enjoy their work and improve business outputs.

Smart Leadership


Get Smart Working started in your business.  Our Workshops and Practitioner Support will help you and your team build a Workforce Model that improves productivity by circa 13%.



Book our Speakers and they will share 20 years of  smart working expertise, tips, techniques and stories that will inspire your people to work smarter and more efficiently.


How can we support your implementation?

  • We’ll give you access to 20 Years of Smart Working Expertise
  • Help you develop a Business Case and Smart Working Strategy
  • Full Programme Management for a Smart Working Pilot and Implementation
  • Deliver Smart Leadership and Smart Teams Development Programmes
  • Give you full HR support for Policies, Procedure and People Infrastructure
  • Give you access to knowledge through the Smart Working Toolkit
Smart working implementation support services

Smart Workers will work smart anywhere.  Shirkers will shirk anywhere!

Case Study

Gym Teams that combat wasted quiet time in Contact Centres

We are a team of experts who have been implementing smart working options for nigh on 2 decades.

We started piloting new ways of working in contact centres in 1999 by introducing a Gym Team to address a drop in calls at lunchtime and piloted a 2 hour lunch break with free Gym membership.

The Team became as fit as fiddles, absence dropped off a cliff and productivity naturally improved.

Our Finance Director was ecstatic at the saving we made and we rolled out a further 16 teams saving hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

But it’s not just about Gym Teams – we have gone on to work with Smart Leaders across the Globe implementing many other innovative ways of working.

Innovative Solutions

There are 3 phases to successfully deploying smart working options:

Smart Feasibility Workshop

  • A one day workshop that enables you to work out which smart options will work in your business. Your management team will leave with up to 3 possibilities to pilot.

Smart Pilot

  • Following Feasibility, our practitioners support your pilot, measure results and tweak your options to achieve optimum performance and productivity.

Smart Implementation

  • We support you through a full implementation programme using proven methodology and practitioners with 20 years experience of successfully deploying smart working

What is Smart Working


Every business is different. Some options will suit your business and some will not.

Get started with a Feasibility Workshop.  You and your team need to understand the flexible working options but also how to attract, retain and manage performance of a smart workforce.

We support you with pilot programmes and smart working solutions that improve productivity by at least 13%. That’s nearly one day per week!

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Smart Working Workshops by the Smart Working Revolution

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