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Our Three Step Approach

Our practitioners will help you transform your workforce by implementing flexible work strategies. Right now, many of our clients are upgrading their Hybrid Working capability to match the fast evolving business landscape. We will help you to consider not just where your people will work, but also the when and how to work and operate much smarter.

Here’s an example plan:

Step 1: Assess Your Infrastructure. Identify weaknesses and bottlenecks in your hybrid working setup including impact on customers.

Step 2: Develop a Custom Strategy. Tailor-made solutions that match your business needs and allow seamless collaboration and productivity.

Step 3: Implement and Train. We’ll advise on how to upgrade your tech, streamline communication, and deliver training that will empower your team, build two way trust and achieve better outcomes.

Our aim is to help you maximise efficiency and productivity but balance that with better engagement and collaboration. With our help and experience, your organisation can thrive in the new era of hybrid working.

Managing Performance Remote Teams

There are bold choices and there are easy choices in business. We stand for those who step up to the plate – the bold, the visionary – the Smart Leaders. Those, like you, who are prepared to take a leap into the future.

Olly Thompson, Director of Revolution.

Smart Talent is the new cash flow

Case Study

Gym Teams that combat wasted quiet time in Contact Centres

We are a team of experts who have been implementing smart working options for nigh on 2 decades.

We started piloting new ways of working in contact centres in 1999 by introducing a Gym Team to address a drop in calls at lunchtime and piloted a 2 hour lunch break with free Gym membership.

The Team became as fit as fiddles, absence dropped off a cliff and productivity naturally improved.

Our Finance Director was ecstatic at the saving we made and we rolled out a further 16 teams saving hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

But it’s not just about Gym Teams – we have gone on to work with Smart Leaders across the Globe implementing many other innovative ways of working.

Innovative Solutions

We offer support packages to help you implement a smart workforce model effectively

An Introduction to the Smart Workforce Model

  • A one day workshop that enables you to unleash which of those 50 options match the needs of your customer demand as well as how to build 2 way trust.

Focus Groups

  • Following the one day workshop we run a series of 2 hour focus groups to understand the hopes and fears of the workforce and to start to win their trust, hearts and minds around the concept of smart working.

Smart Workforce Policy

  • A one day intensive workshop to develop tailored guidelines that matches your DNA and your unique range of work options.
Work happens in Brains – not offices

The Benefits

  • Smart working solutions improve productivity by at least 13%. That’s nearly one day per week!
  • Access a wider talent pool
  • Opportunities for better inclusion and diversity
  • Candidates will want to join your business
  • Employees won’t want to leave
  • Multiple corporate social responsibility improvements
  • Reduced overheads
  • Your business will build a culture of trust
  • Broader service hours for customers

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