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We are living through a transformation in the way that people want to work.

The demand from the UK Workforce for smart working options is so great that to attract the best talent, your business will need a smart workforce strategy or you will face the consequences of skills gaps.

More and more businesses are introducing hybrid working and smarter ways of working…..more innovative shift patterns such as the 4 day week, the 9 day fortnight, annualised hours and lots of flexible part time options.

Do you want to tap into a wider talent pool, reduce overheads, improve staff engagement and improve productivity?

Smart Working is more than issuing employees with a laptop and smart phone and suggesting they can work from home a couple of days a week.

To successfully roll out smart working, you will require the right infrastructure, culture and a workforce strategy that helps you take action today to prepare for tomorrow’s workforce.

We are collating data about the adoption of smart working across the nation which will provide policy makers in business and government with valuable insights into what action should be taken to ensure the UK has a smart workforce – fit for the future.

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