Would you like to improve productivity by 13% this Spring?

Question:  What do Contact Centres, outsourced providers of 111 services to the NHS, social housing provider, lawyers firms, government organisations and manufacturers have in common?

Answer:  All can improve  productivity by circa 13% by deploying a smart workforce model.

What is smart working?

A smart business wisdom is not just about adapting to hybrid or remote work; it’s about working smarter across every aspect of your operations. Our workforce transformation approach focuses on practical leadership, modern business skills, empowering colleagues with the right skills and leveraging the latest technology, no matter your industry!

Peak Times of Year

Perhaps you are worrying about hitting targets and goals during your peak period or maybe you are struggling to attract the best talent?  Smarter ways of working can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency, especially during busy periods. Here are some examples of our work:

*By implementing options that flexed to meet the demands of patients during the winter months we helped a 111 organisation to ace their NHS targets last winter.

*By introducing smart working, our legal client was able to attract the best new recruits to their Cornwall based business and improve retention too.   It proved crucial as they encountered a sharp increase in business after a rebrand exercise!  They were able to manage it with aplomb.

*Our social housing client flexed their mobile cover using the 4 day week. A few months later they were voted the best place to work in their region.

*Our manufacturing client improved attraction and retention by offering more flexible shift patterns to meet the demands in the run up to Christmas.

*Our financial service client introduced remote friendly work combined with annualised hours to cover the busy claim period which is Januart to March.  Staff were delighted to be able to take time off withe kids in August instead.

Additionally, fostering open communication and collaboration channels allows for better coordination and swift problem-solving, ensuring that targets are met effectively. Smarter working practices enable teams to adapt quickly to fluctuating demands and achieve success even during busy periods.

Four Quadrants

Many operations rely on a flexible workforce and operating model to meet the needs of clients, customers or patients. Our practitioners generally find that role requirements tend to fall into 4 categories of workplace.

Remote-friendly workers help deliver services flexibly whenever customers need them and remote friendly work provide the opportunity to recruit the best talent across the UK.

Hybrid workers get the balance they need with opportunity to collaborate face to face too.  However, they gain the benefits of the remote working ecosystem too.

Some workers prefer or need to be Present or face to face – some things just work better face to face and we can’t forget that.

We must also recognise our Mobile colleagues. They need to visit customers or patients in their homes to provide the best care

Helping you work smarter is what we do

With over two decades of real-world experience, helping you work smarter is what we do.  We’ve implemented more than 60 different working options and we can share these with you.

We’re ready to be your partner in success. We’ll help you work smarter and build a workplace everyone wants to be a part of.

Would you like to create a workforce that can improve it productivity by circa 13%?  Contact us for a 30 minute discovery chat about how your business can do it too.