Tips from the Revolution about Collaboration

If you employ a remote team but are worried about innovation, here are 4 tips from the Revolution that might just help:

Collaboration Workshops

Promote face to face and virtual collaboration days across your teams – but first, ensure your managers have the right skills and techniques to run them. Encourage a culture of trust where team members can freely share ideas and collaborate on projects. Creating a supportive environment where ideas are valued and contributions are recognised will inspire creativity and innovation across your remote team.

Speak Up Culture

Next embrace diversity and inclusion. Ensure your managers are capable of ensuring the right level of psychological safety is in place.   Every single human of you team must feel comfortable to speak up….speak out. Encourage cross-functional collaboration and seek out diverse viewpoints when tackling challenges or searching for new solutions. We find that our clients unlock a wealth of creative potential and drive innovation when they get good at this.

Invest in your team’s smart skills.

Do your leaders nurture a growth mindset?  Do they inspire innovation?  You will allow team members to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible for your organisation. Your team need to learn how to push out of their comfort zone.  Are your leaders equipped to manage this?  Watch the video below.

And finally

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