New Smart Wellbeing Programme for 2024

Our new Smart Wellbeing Programme for 2024 compliments our Smart Leadership Programme which majors on the need for psychological safety.

Psychological safety is the bedrock of a healthy workplace. Employees need to feel safe to express themselves, share ideas and voice concerns without fear of retribution. Fostering an open and empathetic culture, where leaders actively listen and encourage dialogue, is key.

The programme is especially suited to Hybrid and Remote Teams and offers practical tips and techniques for making each work day a pleasure. It will help each individual build their own personalised wellbeing framework.

What We Offer:

3 Step Process

  1. A survey/audit or focus group facilitated by us to understand the level of psychological safety present in your organisation
  2. 12 monthly one hour wellbeing insights sessions
  3. Access to the wellbeing section of our Smartability portal

Virtual Delivery

Convenient monthly sessions from January to December 2024, delivered virtually by our team of experts for accessibility and flexibility and so that your entire workforce can access it. It provides a safe haven to share ideas and opinions.

Tailored for You

We tailor the content to address the unique wellbeing needs of your organisation in a remote-friendly or hybrid setting. We’ll also make sure it aligns to your values and that it is darned good value for money.

Why it’s a Must-Have

Colleague Wellbeing

Elevate the wellness of your team members a s they navigate the challenges of remote and hybrid work environments. They will also have 24/7 access to our smart wellbeing portal, full of well being hacks and techniques whether they are working hybrid or remotely.

Risk Mitigation

In today’s landscape, overlooking employee wellbeing in a remote-friendly setting poses potential risks, affecting morale, productivity and overall job satisfaction.  Whereas having a culture that is psychological safe will help you attract and retain the best people.

This programme is not the norm.  At the Smart Working Revolution we don’t do norm!

Our 12 engaging Wellbeing topics include learnable Brain Boosters as follows:

1. Mindfulness: Embrace and celebrate the power of the present moment.

2. Sense Hacking: Sharpen your senses for a more focused workday.

3. Stress Awareness: Identify and manage stress triggers effectively.

4. Developing Resilience: Build the mental strength to tackle challenges.

5. Managing Anxiety: Techniques to cultivate a calm and focused mindset.

6. Emotional Intelligence: Enhance interpersonal relationships in the virtual space.

7. Tech to the Rescue: Navigate digital tools for a smarter, healthier and balanced life.

8. Boundaries: Understanding your boundaries and those of others.

9, Recognising Your Personal Value: Boost self-esteem and confidence.

10 Breathe!: Harness the power of intentional breathing.

11. Mindful Eating: Cultivate healthy eating habits mindfully.

12. Sleep Hygiene: Ensure restful nights for optimal productivity.

This solution provides your people with the necessary skills to build their own personalised emotional well being template.  Your people will create superpowers to help them battle through life’s rich pageant of challenges. It will help them to reduce negative self talk and increase positive emotions so that they can find happiness as well as achieve success in their work and everyday life.

Invest in your team’s wellbeing – because a healthy workforce is a resilient and engaged workforce.

Contact us today to access  your  bespoke Wellbeing Programme for 2024. 

Our prices are smart enough to never break the bank and will come in under your procurement level.