How can the Ocean boost wellbeing??

Did you know that a view of the ocean can boost a person’s mental health. It is part of our smart working philosophy.

Yes, of course you did – that’s why we gravitate towards the coast for holidays. The Sea is a natural tranquiliser. I don’t know about you but I find the sound of waves mesmerising – a sound that helps me relax.

And as so often happens, scientists have now come up with evidence that supports what we instinctively knew. Scientists at Canterbury University, Otago University, & Michigan State University, studied the relationship between mental health and exposure to ‘Blue Space’ – the visibility of water.

They found that just being able to see the Sea contributes to wellbeing & lowers stress. Meanwhile Exeter Uni report that people are happier when they live close to the English coast. They studied data from 48 million people from the 2001 census – comparing how close people lived to the sea with how happy they said they were.

Just another reason that smart working is the future – we can spend more time nearer to nature rather than on that darned train!

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