Smart Working in America.

Howdy Folks! We’re Smart Working in America this week.

We’re currently in Golden, Colorado. Banging that smart working drum to the good people of Denver.

The US is so vast, that many organisations have used technology to meet virtually with one another for decades, putting US organisations well ahead of the curve. They learned early that adopting remote working can be a really positive step and it’s quite prevalent here. A Gallup poll in the US found that finance, insurance & real estate industries have recently experienced the greatest upsurge in time spent working away from the office.

Remote working does not suit every organisation

But remote working doesn’t work in all businesses, so we’re talking to Leaders here about a goldmine of other options. We’re spreading the word about other forms of flexible working – from unique shift patterns to hub working, from mobile working to compressed weeks, that bring business benefits too:

1. Productivity increases of circa 13% when smart working options are effectively deployed.

2. Smart Working encourages enhanced quality of life for employees and their families – as well as reduced travel costs.  Employees also love the fact that they are doing something to save the environment.

3. Improved customer experience delivered by better satisfied employees at time that suit both.

Plus loads more!

Conversations about this smart philosophy are happening all over America.  In fact, all over the world.

If it hasn’t happened in your organisation yet, it probably will!

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