Flexible Working – Ready for Take Off?

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for today’s Top Smart Working Tip?

Run a pilot and you’ll get the chance to trial, tweak & perfect prior to full roll-out. This will help your business achieve up to 5 major improvements:

1. Increased productivity

2. Ability to attract and retain top talent

3. Reduced overheads

4. Increased employee satisfaction

5. A better Customer Service experience.

But these improvements only take-off fully when Leaders are trained in “Smart Leadership” skills.  Skills that help them build 2 way trust, improve employee morale and business productivity. 

Where business skimp and Leaders don’t receive the set of skills required, flexible working policy tends to crash. Bang goes your investment.

That’s why we developed The Smart Leadership Programme. It’s a different sort of leadership programme that helps leaders to understand what makes individual tick and how to get the best performance from each and everyone in their team.  It’s tailored to match your organisation and it’s needs and delivers practical tips and techniques for communication, engaging and managing the performance of smart working teams.

We’ve already delivered it to some big name businesses.  Organisations who are at the forefront of new ways of working. Their feedback has been amazing. They say that this programme is powerful, hits the mark and has delivered outstanding results for them.

Is this something that you would like to deliver to your leaders to help them to learn how to get the best from distributed teams.  Schedule a pilot programme – email ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com for details.