A Question of Trust

Many teams have underlying trust issues. Yet so many Leaders don’t want to want to face it.  Instead the problem is ignored – swept under the carpet – because the team is productive!

But how does a lack of team trust impact your team? Here are a few indicators we look out for:

1. Team members seem guarded
2. Some people hold grudges and some of these can go back years!
3. Others appear reluctant to face situations that may ‘out’ conflict
4. We see people who go it alone rather than collaborate
5. And employees searching for jobs in an organisation where trust is more prevalent

Eventually, this impacts your customer.

Meanwhile, Smart Leader have built themselves a strong foundation of trust and confidence and their teams buy into it. They’ve also had a lot of fun doing it!

Did you know, there’s a simple way to measure trust in your business?  The most valuable is to evaluate what we call ‘Two Way Trust’. Question is – are you brave enough to face the result?

Two Way Trust requires individuals to feel comfortable having their say and believing they will be heard and listened to in a respectful way.  They are confident that all team members have their back no matter what.  Rare to be sure – but not impossible.

If you’d like to measure and consider how you could positively improve the levels of trust in you business, get in touch.