And the Winners Are….

Covid 19 has seen winners and losers in business.  Here are some stories of the positives that have emerged as a result of this horrendous virus:

Gee by the Sea

Georgina Harrison, based in Cornwall, picked up her paint brushes on the 28th April soon after the world turned upside down. She hasn’t put them down since. Four months later she is displaying her wonderful talent in four galleries, two shops and two restaurants.  A ‘proper’ success story. Well done Georgie!

Georgie will be joining us to speak about her success story and share her fabulous paintings at the Festival of Smart Work on November 5th.  Details below.

The Co-op

The  Co-op said its research had found that 70% of adults have relied on their local stores for food and other goods in recent months. They are going to create 1000 new jobs and open 50 new local stores.

An Emerging Covid Economy

Stats show Start-ups are through the roof!  Especially in London, but Birmingham too!  So, despite the scaremongering, it’s not doom & gloom for Cities.  Data from the Centre for Entrepreneurs show business set-ups at Companies House dropped by 19% in March, 29% in April & 3% in May. But in June, they grew nationwide by a whopping 47%. London & the West Midlands led the dream with a 60% increase in newly formed businesses.

Marks and Spencer

It’s taken a pandemic but at last the retailer will begin doing something brand new – something many of its competitors have been doing for years.  It’s fabulous food becomes available to order online. Hallelujah!

Manure Fuel!

Farmers in Cornwall are to trial a new ‘green’ fuel made from manure slurry in what is believed to be the first scheme of its kind in the world. Cornwall Council and Cormac, which looks after its fleet of vehicles, have joined forces with six of its county-owned dairy farms and a Cornish technology company to trial the production of an alternative green fuel.

The move also signals the start of the council’s transition to running a low emission fleet and investment in world-leading sustainable agricultural technology, designed to create more green jobs  for  residents and boost Cornwall’s economic recovery from the pandemic.


Lego are opening 14 new stores.  But why?  Aren’t we suppoed to be in recession?

According to their boss, Neil Christiansen, the big change the company has noted since the start of the crisis is that more adults are getting involved in building Lego kits!

During Lockdown, families began building large Lego sets together and the trend is continuing – even though people are going back to work and school. So Lego are gearing up for the demand increase.

Leaders, like the Lego Boss, who forge a new vision and business model will flourish. Cities who are smart enough to realise the commute can’t be relied on for trade like it once was and adopt a new vision, will attract firms like Lego. We could call it evolution?

Smart Towns and Villages

Post Lockdown, we have a more level playing field across the UK Workforce. The work from home experiment proved, convincingly, we can be trusted to work remotely. This means that UK plc can become much more inclusive – enabling those with disabilities, carers or people who live in remote areas to gain good jobs and work locally.

Join us on November 5th, in Newquay, when we launch the Smart Towns and Villages concept across Cornwall and the UK. You’ll hear more positive stories about how our clients and supporters are transforming their organisations.

Has your business pivoted?  It means your workforce model must adapt.  That’s where we can help.  Let’s have a quick chat.