Bath or Barth???

Do you take a ‘Bath’ or a ‘Barth’???Do you eat a ‘Scone’ or a ‘Sconn’?
Indeed, are you jam or cream first?????

Dialect, Accent, Pronunciation.

There are as many Dialects in the British Isles as there are in the whole of North America – including Canada!

Britain is highly peculiar in its linguistic variation.  The cultural contours associated with these differences make our small country feel large. In fact, the UK has 56 recognised accents.

A poll by company Big 7 Travel saw Essex named as the most desirable twang, followed by Northern Irish and Glaswegian. Queens English came 4th.

Geordie ranked 7 out of 50, Leeds at 17, Sheffield at 41,  Cornish 44th nd Brummie at 50. Personally – I prefer those at the bottom of the chart!

The beauty of smartworking is that your business can employ people with accents that reflect the geography of your customer base.  However, tour business is not tied to one accent when you deploy a distributed team.

Alternatively, you can decide which accent suits your brand and recruit people from that area.

A Smart Workforce Model ensures that you are no longer tied to the area that your head office or contact centre is situated in. Yet, technology improvements mean that you can recruit from a much broader talent pool than in the past.

Is your business ready for a smart thinking future?

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